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Adam and Brooke | Jonesboro Newborn and Maternity Photographer

even miracles take a little time – Fairy Godmother

I was SO excited when I found out Brooke and Adam were going to have a baby. Like SO excited. I’ve known Brooke a couple of years. See. . . she’s my “therapist” aka eyelash gal and dear friend. I see her about every 4 weeks and we solve all the world problems together. Most folks take a power nap when getting their lashes filled in. Um. not this gal! We have had more belly laughs (like Ive almost glued my eyelids shut more than once from laughing. sorry Brooke! LOL!) shared lots of worries, a few tears and helped carry each others load and we both LOVE dogs. All dogs. Every dog.

It was SO good to finally meet Adam, I feel like I’ve known him forever and I cannot wait to meet August! Y’all are going to be the most amazing parents! XO- Mel

Melanie Runsick Photography Jonesboro Newborn Maternity PhotographerMelanie Runsick Photography Jonesboro Newborn and Maternity Photographer

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Oldies but goodies |Jonesboro Ar Portrait Photographer Melanie Runsick Photography

Anyone that knows me know I tend to misplace things… often. For instance one year I hid some of Griffin’s Christmas gifts from him and found them 3 years later. Not kidding (he will NEVER let me forgot it. ever.) My biggest loser food scale has been MIA for like 3 years. I found it yesterday and I wasn’t even looking for it?!
Well. I’ve been looking for this certain book for the last two days and of course I can’t find it. #storyofmylife BUT I did run across a box of “older-ish” photo business cards from back when I had the studio at Swifton!
Oh my! Look at all these faces! Brides and grooms I photographed now have babies. Babies that I photographed for their milestone sessions are now in high school. High school seniors that married and have kiddos on the way.
When I saw these “older-ish” little gems a quote I
read the other day popped in my head-
Because the only way to truly keep a memory is to hold it in your hands- Missy Mwac
Missy’s reason #82 to #printwhatyouwanttopreserve
Jonesboro Family Portrait Photographer Melanie Runsick Photography Jonesboro Professional Headshot Photographer
Melanie Runsick Photography is now booking spring family portrait sessions, the most awesome profesh business head shots and amazing senior sessions for the Class of 2019 (am I actually typing 2019????) AND if you’re graduating in 2018 and haven’t had your senior portraits taken give me a call! I would LOVE to work with you!

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the studio is coming along…

Oh gosh! The studio has came a LONG way in just a few short weeks, it is so exciting to do a drive by every couple days, well actually every day…. 4 times a day and sometimes more! I can’t help it?!!? It’s on the way to the school and you know I have to take Griffin to school and pick him up so why not swing through the parking lot and poke my head in. Those poor construction guys, I know they’re saying here comes that crazy lady to see what we’ve done today 🙂 and of course I snap a few pics. The first pic is just a few days after we signed the lease, last pic was  yesterday. Lighting/electric is supposed to be done today so you know Ill be swinging by this afternoon to get another pic



Melanie Runsick Photography Jonesboro Arkansas Photographer

and to make up for my everyday visits I baked the guys cookie yesterday. You would’ve thought they had won the lottery! HA!

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Jonesboro Newborn Photographer | a little baby love

Today was Davanee’s newborn session day…… Oh y’all she is so stinking cute and smells so good and has the best hair in the world and that dimple.  Oh my.

Had to post a sneak peek for her Mom, Dad and all her Grand Peoples that she has wrapped around her little finger 🙂

melanie runsick photography jonesboro arkansas newborn photographer.jpg

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Jonesboro Family Photographer | Houston….. we have sheetrock!

Bless those poor construction workers hearts! I drive by the studio EVERY day like THREE times a day going to and fro to the school and every. single. time I have to swing through and take a look. They’ve finally learned who I am and just smile and wave! HA! But guess what……. I have SHEETROCK!!! Never thought Id be so excited about sheetrock?! Lee (yes I know him by first name) said they would be starting on sheetrock Monday because the electrical inspection passed. Can I get a Praise the Lord and an Amen! (Jerry Halsey is going to BAN me from 5510 Southwest Drive)

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Jonesboro High School Senior Photographer | ☀️Sunshine ☀️ Sydney

This gal….. Oh y’all . . . she is precious. If you don’t know her you really should make it a point to get to know her. She is like a ray of sunshine. We loaded up and made a trip to Cotter Arkansas back in the fall to do Sydney’s Senior session and she mentioned maybe doing a spring session too. I was SO happy when she called me. There’s a handful of people in the world that make you smile really big, this gal is one of them. Sydney I think you’re neater than socks on a chicken and that is REALLY neat 🙂 Cant wait to see where life takes you ’cause I KNOW you’re going to do amazing things! xoxoxo

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Woah……. this IS happening!

Oh gosh y’all! I haven’t really posted about it much because I feel like I might jinx it. . .  ya know?? Bad luck like when a black cat runs out in font of you and you lick your finger and make an X on the windshield to “cancel” it out before you cross its path. . . PLEASE tell me I am not the only one that does that?? LOL! Anyway! I am rambling and anyone that knows me KNOWS I am really good at that BUT the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind! We have officially rented a studio space!!!! It will be at 5510 suite 4 on Southwest drive. They’re completely redoing the building and Im SO nervous but SO excited! I had to go by there today and meet the electrician to tell him where the outlets, TV, lighting etc needed to be and I think it has officially hit me. . . it is really happening 🙂 Planning on moving in April 1.

I. Cannot. Wait.


Payton, Amanda and Baby Josie

JUST finished Payton & Amanda’s gallery…….  One more sneak peek! They turned out amazing ❤️

Jonesboro Arkansas Maternity Family-Photographer

A sneak peek from Payton and Amanda’s maternity session Saturday. It was cloudy and a little windy but we had a GREAT session. I can’t wait till sweet baby Josie gets here and I know they can’t either.


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