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Q: How do I view my images from our session?

Within two weeks of your session, you’ll receive an email with a gallery link. You’ll log in with your email address and choose your favorites from your session, the number of favorites/digitals depend on the session you choose. I’ll get a download link w/a consent to print up to 8×10 and your custom photo album app headed your way via email. I’ll also add your image choices to a Mpix gallery for your convenience.

Q: What is included in my session fee?

Your session fee, AMAZING lighting, and locations, creative edits, a private online gallery to view and make your selections from, digital image downloads w/a consent to print up to 8×10 from the lab of your choice and a photo album app for sharing and emailing are all included in your session fee. Wall portraits, custom frames and gallery wraps are offered A’ la Carte, I also offer a few print collections.

Q: How do I order prints from my session?

You can  make an appointment to come into the studio and look at your gorgeous images on my screen that is calibrated with my professional lab so you will know what you see on my screen is absolutely what your prints will look like OR at the top of your gallery there is an info tab. Click on that, all my pricing and products are there, add what you would like to your card and give me a call or shoot me an email. I’ll send you an invoice to pay and get your images uploaded to the lab. It usually takes about 2 weeks to get prints in from the lab. I offer custom framing, gallery wraps of all sizes, fine art metal & acrylic prints, custom heirloom albums in an array of leather and fabric covers.

So… I booked a session. What next?

Q: What if it rains or it’s cloudy?

If your session is outdoors I will keep a close eye on the weather report and will email you or give you a call if the weather is looking uncooperative and don’t be afraid to book a session in the late fall/winter. Some of my very most favorite images were taken in the middle of January. A cloudy overcast day can be a blessing, clouds are kind of like a giant softbox, perfect lighting!

Q: What should I wear?

I always tell my clients your clothes should reflect you, if an outfit makes you feel good then more than likely you’re going to look good. Here are a few ideas-

Don’t be afraid of color or patterns

Coordinate your outfits but don’t “match”

Try to stay away from sleeveless shirts

Layers work great! Vests, leggings under a skirt or add a scarf or big necklace

Bring along an extra shirt or two if you’re undecided, I’ll be glad to help

Choose who is the most difficult to dress, start with them and pick colors from their outfit to coordinate. If you need to snap a picture and email it to me. I’ll be glad to help! melanie@melanierunsickphotography I also have a Pinterest board that I am always pinning outfits and color pallets to give you a few ideas –

What to wear for a Family Portrait 

What to wear Senior Girl

What to wear Senior Guy

Q: How much will you Photoshop my images?

I like to keep my images natural looking so I try to have a light hand with Photoshop. Sometimes I get a little artsier and add some clouds, sunrays or a pop of color. All acne & blemishes are touched up

Q: How archival are your prints?

Images ordered through Melanie Runsick Photography should last over 100 years in a typical home display and over 200 years in dark storage

Q: Do you accept credit cards? 

I sure do. Melanie Runsick Photography accepts cash, checks & all major credit cards. 8.5% sales tax is added to all session fees & print orders 

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