Fall Sofa Sessions 🎃 Only a few times left | Jonesboro Arkansas Family Photographer

I’ve been taking some pictures out on our property were I’m doing the Fall Sofa Sessions and it is so pretty out there, by next weekend it will really be gorgeous!

My Fall Sofa Session weekend is October 22nd and 23rd. I have just a few times left available. Message or call me if you would like to book 🎃 mrunsickphoto@icloud.com 870-520-6320

available dates/times-

Saturday the 22nd I have 10:30 am and 11:30am

Sunday the 23rd I have 2pm and 2:30 pm

Melanie Runsick Photography Fall Sofa Limited Edition Session Hay Couch Straw Couch Family Session

If you’re looking for a family or children’s photographer in the Jonesboro area email me at mrunsickphoto@icloud.com or call me at 870-520-6320

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