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I get a lot of advertising from Facebook. Yes we can harp on it all we want, they’ve changed the algorithm, when you boost a post it doesn’t help the reach, people don’t see posts from business pages like they used to etc. I’ve been trying to do better about posting and blogging more (I love to talk… y’all people who know me KNOW I can talk all day but blogging….. it’s not my jam) anyway I came across another gal’s blog and she shared her most shared/viewed recipe and I got to thinking which image of mine has been viewed and shared more and I have to say it’s my little deer baby Max and the “welcome to the herd” post. It’s still one of my favorites.

North East Arkansas Photographer Melanie Runsick Photography Most Viewed Image


Over  46,000 people viewed this image! forty. six. thousand. and it was shared 328 times! WHOOP!  On a normal day my posts are viewed anywhere from 150 views (yes… UGH!) to 1800 views.  The point I’m trying to get across is if you see an image, recipe, whatever you like on a business page like it! LOVE IT, comment and share the heck out of it. Us small business owners appreciate it and Thank you for it!


P.S. I get to see Baby Max SOON so be looking for another amazing image of this precious kiddo to share the heck out of.

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