the studio is coming along…

Oh gosh! The studio has came a LONG way in just a few short weeks, it is so exciting to do a drive by every couple days, well actually every day…. 4 times a day and sometimes more! I can’t help it?!!? It’s on the way to the school and you know I have to take Griffin to school and pick him up so why not swing through the parking lot and poke my head in. Those poor construction guys, I know they’re saying here comes that crazy lady to see what we’ve done today 🙂 and of course I snap a few pics. The first pic is just a few days after we signed the lease, last pic was  yesterday. Lighting/electric is supposed to be done today so you know Ill be swinging by this afternoon to get another pic



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and to make up for my everyday visits I baked the guys cookie yesterday. You would’ve thought they had won the lottery! HA!

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