Jonesboro Family Photographer | Houston….. we have sheetrock!

Bless those poor construction workers hearts! I drive by the studio EVERY day like THREE times a day going to and fro to the school and every. single. time I have to swing through and take a look. They’ve finally learned who I am and just smile and wave! HA! But guess what……. I have SHEETROCK!!! Never thought Id be so excited about sheetrock?! Lee (yes I know him by first name) said they would be starting on sheetrock Monday because the electrical inspection passed. Can I get a Praise the Lord and an Amen! (Jerry Halsey is going to BAN me from 5510 Southwest Drive)

melanie runsick photography jonesboro arkansas north east arkansas photographer

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Melanie Runsick Photography

Melanie Runsick Photography Jonesboro Arkansas Photographer High School Seniors | Families | Children

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